Introducing the Enrollment Funnel – A Valuable Tool for Professional and Continuing Education Outreach

For Professional and Continuing Education Leaders

While Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) units have upped their marketing capabilities in recent years, many have taken a narrow view on the role of prospect cultivation and the need to intentionally manage the student pipeline. PCE has long been driven by lagging performance measures of gross revenues, course go/no-go decisions, and total student headcount. While these traditional measures remain relevant, new approaches are needed to exert influence over student enrollments as well as to measure enrollment performance.

What is needed is a more systematic approach to measure performance in a way that is aligned to how students make education choices. Simply counting registrations or dollars received are after-the-fact measures that provide little insight for PCE leaders who need to understand current performance and predict future enrollment.

The enrollment funnel has long been a valued tool for undergraduate recruitment and marketing. While a new paradigm for Professional and Continuing Education, managing the student funnel has long provided indicators of student intent, and return- on-investment, while providing a reasonable model to forecast future enrollments with confidence. PCE units looking to increase enrollment performance should: 1) embrace the enrollment funnel, 2) respect a student’s decision as a process not an event, and 3) employ the best practices associated with funnel management.

In this research report, discover recommendations on how to overall increase your enrollment funnel performance.


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