The Road Less Traveled – Enrollment Management Practices of Professional and Continuing Education

For Professional and Continuing Education Leaders

With a growing market of adult learners, the projected decline of high school graduates, and the demand for more flexible educational opportunities, Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) units appear poised to step to the forefront of the academy to serve the next generation of learners.

Yet, many units will miss the rising wave, having their gaze turned inward on internal needs and hampered by current approaches to develop, manage, and execute programs. Lack of clear goals, complex funding models, ineffective organizational structures, and a lack of basic enrollment finance measures are preventing PCE units from achieving their full potential.

Enrollment management, an organizational and systematic approach to exerting influence over student enrollments, provides a well-tested paradigm for PCE units. While often limited to the realm of undergraduate admissions and retention, an enrollment management approach mutually supports adult learner success and the institutional goal achievement.

PCE deans and directors looking to modify or strengthen their current approach should embrace the five fundamentals of enrollment management: 1) Leadership, 2) Organization, 3) Information, 4) Engagement, and 5) Operations.

In this research report, discover how to optimize your enrollment outreach by our recommendations.


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