Managing the Conversation: Marketing Automation and eCRM in 3 Steps

For Professional and Continuing Education Leaders

Marketers have long searched for the holy grail of communication – sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Until recently, this has been an unfulfilled expedition fraught with pitfalls and false starts. College CRM software investments over the last five years have given rise to the need to engage students over pre- and post-enrollment life cycles. Yet many find their software platforms are not designed to provide the digital engagement their students and constituents expect.

Today’s always-addressable student is interconnected, with as many as three devices. However many enrollment offices have failed to serve up contextual relevance within their digital conversations. Despite the availability of tools, enrollment professionals struggle to plan what to say and when to say it. Instead they default to a simple volume game where everyone receives everything. A new software category – marketing automation – holds promise as a strategy and technology to modernize your campaigns and build relationships.


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