Professional and Continuing Higher Education Has a Measurement Problem

For Professional and Continuing Education Leaders

Professional and continuing higher education (PCE) units are relied upon to return revenue to their institutions – or not lose money – trumping student access and program development. Thus, PCE units focus overwhelmingly on enrollment head count and revenue as primary indicators of success. However, these metrics fail to connect the “outreach” dots.

In this new DemandEngine research report, learn how PCE units measure success today. Discover how units are limited in their ability to proactively manage enrollment and demonstrate institutional value. Our research shows that PCE deans and directors lack insight into market demand, programming, marketing return-on-investment, and most importantly, student success.

PCE units interested in developing in high-performing, financially successful outreach organization should baseline existing data, identify and agree upon outreach metrics that matter, and establish corresponding performance targets.


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