Ten Enrollment Marketing Predictions for 2010

Trends from Undergraduate Admissions to Professional, Continuing, and Graduate Enrollment

With class rolls bursting at the seams for many institutions, while others are struggling to make ends meet, it’s safe to say last year’s near economic collapse is having a profound impact on the business of higher education. While most colleges and universities avoided deep enrollment marketing cuts in the current fiscal year, downward budget pressure is most likely unavoidable in FY2011.

As one industry veteran recently stated, “colleges and universities are used to routinely pulling out all the stops to attract prospective students,” regardless of the cost or irritation to these students. Despite an abundance of interactive technologies, many enrollment professionals are applying the same basic playbook that’s existed for the last 20 years: load up the funnel with direct mail search programs and travel, and then blast, blast, blast. These approaches are applied in rote despite the evidence that students are opting out of lock-step enrollment funnels, seeking information on their own terms rather than waiting for it to be parceled out, and desiring communication that is truly one-to-one.

In 2010, we expect that simple economics combined with media proliferation will force enrollment professionals to change their stripes. Effectively combining and applying strategy, measurement, and technology will be necessary for enrollment managers to compete for students as well as institutional resources.

Looking into our crystal ball, here are our ten enrollment marketing predictions for 2010.


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