The Interactive Marketing Profile of High School Students

Go All in On Fundamentals to Master the Interactive Marketing Play

While digital communication is at the center of many recruitment planning discussions, the focus should be on student preferences and actual online participation behaviors. When considering eight potential interactive marketing channels, high school students overwhelmingly prefer direct mail, email, and search engines as sources of information.

In a survey of more than 1,000 high school students nationwide, DemandEngine found that 73 percent of respondents use text messaging, while 66 percent check email, daily. In contrast, 61 percent rarely or never read blogs, while another 40 percent report the same inactivity with chat or instant messaging. Despite regular use of social media — 62 percent are on social networking sites at least daily — students are largely unreceptive to informational contact through this medium, with only nine percent stating they definitely would use the sites this way.

Most importantly, while students identify email as their preferred communication method, their responses make it clear that they are not satisfied with how it has been used by many colleges and universities. These findings emphasize quality over quantity for email campaigns.

Given the prospect of managing multiple, emerging communication channels, admission professionals looking to master this multi-channel recruitment mayhem should double down on fundamental channels and hedge their marketing bets by using student participation profiles.

In this research report, discover how to master interactive enrollment marketing fundamentals by following a few simple steps.


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