eCRM – Conversation Planning

The Conversation Planning Service provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to your digital recruitment messaging. With our turn-key approach, we develop a messaging architecture, embedding your brand declaratives and proof points, as we plan, design, execute and monitor your recruitment campaigns.

Enrollment marketers have long been content to send endless message streams of “visit”, “apply”, or “register” pleas rather than initiating conversation. And with investments in CRM software, colleges and universities are simply speeding up the timing, rather than improving the conversation. What’s needed is a better approach to initiate conversation and to respond in kind to the data and behavior that a prospective student provides. We call it Conversation Planning.

A comprehensive approach to recruitment eCRM messaging

The Conversation Planning Service is comprehensive communication program management for college enrollment marketing and recruitment. Our team develops and executes your recruitment campaigns that engage prospective students at various stages of their enrollment lifecycle.

Students receive timely information at the right stage of their decision journey while admission offices increase the velocity of their enrollment pipeline.

Your brand foundation

College branding efforts often lose their effectiveness once you get past the marketing collateral and top pages of the website.

Our approach ensures that your existing brand message or promise is pulled through and reinforced in your follow-up. Enrollment professionals benefit from our turn-key approach where we leverage your current branding and attributes to create dynamic messaging plans. Your marketing and recruitment teams can focus on your ground game – connecting with students, their parents and other influencers. We review your current college recruitment and marketing collateral, identify content needs (if any) and any performance gaps in your prospect nurturing campaigns.

Each campaign is designed and deployed in sophisticated workflows, using triggers, filters and actions. The result is that students, parents, and other influencers receive high-tech, high-touch messages that drive intended results.