Enrollment Marketing Consulting

Enrollment Marketing Consulting Service

Improving your ability to compete for students requires a thorough understanding of your current practices, capabilities, and performance, and a clear vision where you want to go — so there is always a fixed point of reference from which to navigate. Our Enrollment Marketing Consulting Service provides a structured way to: assess your current efforts across five key fundamentals, identify current gaps in capabilities, and identify prioritized recommendations for moving forward.

Enrollment Marketing Planning and Execution Service

Enrollment Marketing is the continuous and integrated set of communication and recruitment processes, goals, metrics and supporting technologies covering the stages of prospective student acquisition through enrollment, carefully orchestrated to achieve desired new student enrollment and revenue goals. In our research and experience, successful enrollment marketing efforts are based upon:

1.    Enrollment planning
2.    Marketing communications
3.    Pipeline management
4.    Operational excellence
5.    Technology application

Following consulting assignments, many find that operationalizing recommendations and managing the change management process can be difficult. Departments may not have the organizational bandwidth to process changes and new ways of working, or simply lack the internal expertise to move forward. Our advisory services are customized to seize upon identified opportunities and develop an action-oriented, measurable marketing plan.

Through on-going campus and remote visits, our team provides continued accountability, serves as a resource to interpret data, and assists in overcoming internal barriers. Our clients tell us that they value our advisory service because it helps focus the organization on results.

Service outcomes may include:
•    Assessing current maturity in five key foundational areas
•    Recommendations for organizational structure and technology investments

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