Secret Shopping Research for Higher Education

Every year, your college or university invests thousands of dollars in advertising, list purchases, travel, and direct mail – all for a singular purpose – to find prospective students and to encourage them to contact you. Yet, what really happens when they do?

Managing ‘Moments of Truth’ with the People that Matter Most

We call it Touchpoint Management – the institutional contact points where prospective students and their influencers experience your brand. Intentionally managing these touchpoints can improve your enrollment marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

Touchpoint Management Service from DemandEngine

DemandEngine’s Touchpoint Management approach includes:

  • Developing realistic student shopper personas

  • Secret shopping your institution to understand current touchpoint experiences

  • Identifying each major point of prospective student contact

  • Comparing current internal response standards and mechanisms to secret shopping results

  • Assessing compliance to gainful employment regulations

  • Assessing risks and providing specific recommendations

  • Designing new brand experiences and goals for points of student contact

  • Selecting appropriate touchpoint performance indicators

  • Developing plans to improve Touchpoint Management

DemandEngine’s highly structured services approach provides quantitative feedback, actionable recommendations, and support to develop and implement measurable action plans.

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